Air Freight system

Air freight system rules:

  •  Account opening of Airlines, Customers, and other vendors through the Data entry screen.
  • Administration of Carrier AWB Numbers with Automated stock entry function.
  • Scope enables faster and more effective operations from quotation to delivery
  • Management of all air export shipments from quotes to bookings.
  • Creation of Job.
  • Creation of the e-AWB.
  • Easy creation of Consolidation and Master shipment.
  • Users do not have to manage AWBs manually, these can be drawn directly during entry.
  • If the carrier changes, The unused AWB will be re-stocked to the AWB pool, ready for use in other shipments.
  • AWB numbers of third-party agents can be used in Scope.
  • These are automatically checked if the AWB number pre-enter.
  • Quotations can be generated as ad hoc or contract based and presented to customers as offers
  • Bookings can be created prior to generating shipments even when data is incomplete
  • Invoices, credit notes, and payables are all managed within shipments and printable to ensure tight control of finance.

Airfreight system

Airfreight system refers to the process of transporting goods or cargo by air. It involves a complex logistics system that includes airlines, airports, freight forwarders, and other intermediaries. Airfreight systems offer a number of advantages over other transportation modes, including speed, reliability, and the ability to transport goods to virtually any location in the world. However, they also come with their own unique set of challenges, such as security concerns, strict regulations, and the need for specialized equipment and handling procedures.

Logistics Airfreight

To manage the logistics of airfreight, various software solutions are available, such as transportation management systems (TMS), warehouse management systems (WMS), and customs management systems (CMS). These software solutions can help streamline the entire airfreight process, from booking cargo space on a flight to tracking the shipment and handling customs clearance.

Overall, airfreight systems play a vital role in the global economy, enabling the efficient movement of goods and materials across long distances and international borders